Digital Business Books is looking for business authors to promote!

It's not who YOU know.
In the 21st century marketplace,
that counts.
So who knows you?

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Does anyone outside of your network know who you are? Are your marketing efforts limited to people who already know you? How would you like to reach people eager for affordable business help?

If these questions apply to you, I offer an easy, FREE solution for you.

Digital Business Books ( offers affordable, downloadable business resources.

  • It covers all business categories in all digital formats: audio, video and ebook.
    Our primary goal is to offer affordable, introductory level business products that any entrepreneur, at any stage of their development, could afford and immediately put into practical use.

    We encourage our authors to bundle their business publication with other value-added products, such as
    - a bonus report or book,
    - a limited-time offer for a free subscription or membership,
    - a complimentary initial consultation, etc.
    We also encourage authors to include tips or information within their book that will help the client save or make a greater amount of money than the client will spend on their purchase.
    By doing so, clients receive a product whose value far exceeds its price, making it easier for the customer to feel comfortable with their purchase.
  • It is a one-stop shopping experience for those needing business information.
    Our primary goal is not only to provide a single place where entrepreneurs can find the business information they require, but also do something they can't do at other stores gain access to the authors as well! By offering this service, both the client and the author benefit. The purchaser can pose questions to the author, and the author can foster a relationship with the client. Everyone wins!
  • For every product released, we record an interview with the author that is featured in 2 weekly podcasts.
    Authors will be interviewed about their field of expertise and their product, especially in relation to current business news and technology. The interview will be featured in Digital Business Books' own business-based podcast,"Brain Storm!”, located at The interview will also be featured in Your Voice, the podcast for Encouraging Audiobooks, located at
  • Excerpts of ebooks, audio books or video curriculums are podcasted and featured via ezine every week.
    We also like to podcast an excerpt of the product (when possible) so potential purchasers can try before they buy. This can extend the product/author feature by another week, as we follow up the interview with an excerpt during the next week's podcast.
  • Product descriptions, full-page sales copy, interviews and business information are posted on the site and via RSS feed.
    Authors have the opportunity to say everything they want to say about their product. Authors provide their own full-page copy for the product description, along with a smaller shopping cart description. They can include customer testimonials, extended "promotional package” details, and more.

    In addition, the product description, interview and author business information is posted on the Digital Business Books Information blog, driving more traffic both to the Digital Business Books site, as well as the entrepreneur's site.
  • Each author is given their own Blog for blogging, podcasting, and books reviews.
    Don't have a blog yet? Don't worry! We will provide you with your own RSS channel so you can blog and/or podcast about your product.You can include product reviews from purchasers, and write related articles and personal messages meant to enhance the purchaser's learning experience. This is also the channel by which the author's clients can gain easily access to them and quickly begin a dialogue.
  • Each author will have their own audio testimonial line to collect testimonials for their product.
    Each author will have their own product telephone recording testimonial line! Every author will be able to request testimonials from their present clients, as well as give new clients the opportunity to share. These testimonials will be added to the product blog, so potential clients can hear more about you.
  • Authors with multiple product listings will have all of their products displayed under their own name as an additional category.
    If an author contributes more than one product, then Digital Business Books will create a separate category just for that author. So clients can search for their favorite entrepreneur and find all of their products together in one place.
  • Every participating author will receive a courtesy 10% discount on all publications in the store.
    Just because an author is an expert in one area doesn't mean he's an expert in all areas. That's why we offer our authors a discount on all of our publications. Not only can they share their expertise, but they can benefit from the expertise of all of the other authors in the store.
  • There are no fees to list your product for the first year. And any authors who join in the first year are exempt from any future setup fees.
    Administrative fees will be waived for all authors participating during the first year and that means as long as they offer their products with Digital Business Books.
  • Digital Business Books splits commissions 50/50 on entry level products, but accepts affiliate fees for higher priced products.
    If you would like to promote your higher-end products on the Digital Business Books site, you don't have to worry about splitting the commission. We realize that this is one of the main ways you support yourself, so we will gladly accept affiliate fees in return for the opportunity to market your higher end products.
  • By selling your product in digital, downloadable format, there are no material costs. Every sale is 100% profit.
    No worries about having to order reprints or further duplications for your products. Digital format means that the product is created once, and that once the original production costs are recouped, the rest is pure profit!
  • Participate in multi-author "bundled packages”, seminars, and press releases, reducing costs while increasing exposure.
    Cross marketing can be extremely powerful, and when you've accumulated such an incredible team of entrepreneurs as we have, it's a great way to leverage everyone's network to gain exposure. We will offer multi-product seminars, open to the public. This way, several entrepreneurs can join together to share their expertise and offer a bundled package of their combined products This creates a better value for the purchaser, and expanded marketing for the entrepreneurs.
  • Join our full-service affiliate program, with access to click-through tracking and more.
    Have complete control over your marketing projects as you track every aspect of your affiliate link with Digital Business Books. See which campaigns are working, where people are going, and what they are purchasing.


Encourage 10 of your members to submit their business information products, and
- we will create a separate page for your Organization, listing your member's products.
We will also create a complimentary business information product for your organization. We compile business tips from your members into an ebook or audio book format, and market it for you on the site.

Encouraging 50 of your members to submit their products, and
- we will put your logo and link on the side bar of the site, advertising your organization.
- We will also interview the head of the organization and include it in our podcast, and post its link with the sidebar logo.


Best of all, it doesn't cost YOU one red cent,
and we don't make one penny
until we sell your product!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a product? We'll help you create your first product, and you'll see how easy it is to do with the right tools and resources.


What if I have multiple products to sell? There is no limit to the number of products you can submit.


What is my next step to take advantage of this opportunity?
Submit a link to your digital, downloadable product(s), along with descriptions and links to full-page html sales copy.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Penny AT 1stPod DOT com.

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