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Top 25 ways to use PowerPoint 2003 - Tips and Techniques


Top 25 ways to use PowerPoint 2003 - Tips and Techniques

Get more out of PowerPoint. Not your average training tutorials that usually cover the application from A to Z. These narrated videos cover tips and techniques utilizing features old and new.

Approx. 2.5 hours of targeted training videos

Topics covered:
1. Use the AutoContent Wizard to create a presentation
2. Keyboard shortcuts while presenting
3. Using Slide Show view to change order of slides
4. Manage graphics to reduce size
5. Create a summary slide
6. Save a presentation as a PowerPoint Show
7. Change viewing format for widescreen

8. Create a Master Slide
9. Create a company template
10. Import slides from other presentations
11. Adding background music
12. Changing the font for all slides
13. Bullets and AutoFit options
14. Set the focus on each bullet using animation
15. Embed an Excel worksheet that is modified regularly
16. Using Package for CD feature
17. Using Action buttons
18. Creating a presentation photo album
19. Adding narration to slides and set timings

20. Collaborating with others during presentation creation
21. Trigger a series of events
22. Presentation Broadcasts for 10 people or less
23. Save a presentation to a Web server
24. Save a presentation to a SharePoint Document Library
25. Custom Shows

Price: $28.00


What Is SharePoint


*FREE* What is SharePoint Services? How can I use it in my business?

These videos will provide you with an opportunity to see a demo SharePoint Services site customized for business productivity. They provide a real-time look into what SharePoint Services is, how you can use it in your business, and how you can get it.

SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents. The sites facilitate team participation in discussions, shared document collaboration, and surveys. Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through clients that support Web Services. The document collaboration features allow for easy check in, check out, and document version control.

Windows SharePoint Services sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. In addition, team and site managers can coordinate site content and user activity easily. The Windows SharePoint Services environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development

Price: $0.00


Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training Videos - Administrator/Manager - Basic through Intermediate


Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training Videos

--Don't wait any longer to learn about this wonderful team collaboration environment known as Windows SharePoint Services 2003

Lesson One
1. Windows SharePoint Services Environment
2. The Menu Items
3. Site Settings - 1
4. Site Settings - 2
5. Create Site Users
6. Import Users from Outlook
7. Remove Users
8. Built-in Site Group Rights
9. Create Custom Site Groups
10. Change Users Site Group
11. Anonymous User Rights

Lesson Two
1. Change the Site Image to display your Logo
2. Create Announcements, Events, and Links
3. Work with Contacts: Create a contact, Import contacts from Outlook, Filter contacts
4. Work with Tasks: Create a task, Filter tasks, viewing tasks
5. Work with Issues: Create Issues web part, create an issue, edit issues to create history tracking, issue notification features
6. List Permissions for Users
7. List Permissions for Guests
8. Set up Content Approval for moderating Lists postings

Lesson Three
1. Document Library: Create Library, Add document, Upload
2. Document Library: Views, Edit file, Check-out/Check-in, Version history, Delete
3. Document Library: Version History
4. Document Library: Limitations, Metadata, Filter and Sort
5. Document Library: Security - Cancel Check-out
6. Picture Library: Create Library, Upload, Views, Slide Show
7. Picture Library: Explorer View
8. Picture Library: Alerts, Download, SendTo feature

Lesson Four
1. Discussions: Start discussion, New Discussion Board, Reply to discussion topic
2. Discussions: Views, item options, Alerts, Remove discussion board
3. Surveys: Create survey, respond to survey, modify survey, permission considerations
4. Add Web Parts to a page, modify shared page menu
5. Close a Web Part, add a custom web part, modify Web Part views
6. Create custom Web Part: wrong way and right way
7. Modify Web Part layout, Design this Page, Close Web Parts, Uncheck Design mode, Delete Web Part
8. Using the SharePoint Services Search feature

Lesson Five
1. Subsites: Create a new subsite, template options, open subsite, create link to subsite
2. Subsites: Permissions, add users
3. Subsites: About permission inheritance
4. Document Workspace: Create new from scratch
5. Document Workspace: Create new from document, add users from site settings, add users in Members web part
6. Cross-Site Groups: Add users
7. Meeting Workspace: Create new, what it is and what it isn't, template options, modify this workspace
8. Meeting Workspace: Create new from event, template options, manipulate pages, add web part, delete a page
9. Meeting Workspace: About home page, about web parts in meeting workspace, add attendees as well as users, Objective and Agenda

Lesson Six
1. Custom Lists and Columns (fields)
2. Custom Views, Filters, and Totals
3. Custom View Styles, Delete views


One hour of consultation for your SharePoint Services site. Value of $80.

Price: $75.00


Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training Videos - Power User


Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training Videos - Power User


--Calling all serious SharePoint Services 2003 users!! Go beyond standard topics for SharePoint Services User training. Advanced skills and techniques are discussed and taught. No programming skills needed here! Bring your skill level up a couple of notches with this intensely detailed and thorough set of classes. Dig into integration features and the manipulation of data between SharePoint Services and Office 2003. We'll explore what you can do when you connect Web Parts together, and work with the special Web Part pages and Basic Pages. We'll explore different ways to utilize a special Web Part called the Content Editor Web Part. Well go over how to make your customizations portable.

Topic Group 1: Advanced features and Web Parts:
1) Four ways to get existing files into a SharePoint document library
2) Connecting Web Parts to each other
*Sample 1: Suppliers and Products
*Sample 2: Company>Personnel>Employee Image
3) How to use the special Basic Page
*Newsletters, Instructions How-tos, Company Policies, FAQs
4) How to use the special Web Part Page
*Part of the Document Library
*Select a web part page style with new documents
5) Internet Explorer Trusted Sites
6) Portability of customizations
*Custom site templates
*Custom list templates
*Custom web parts
7) What can you do with the Content Editor Web Part?
8) Shared View vs. Personal View customizing your Home Page

Topic Group 2: Integration with Office 2003
1) The Data Sheet View
*How it makes your life easier when modifying multiple items
*Copy and paste from an outside source to a data sheet view
2) Features available with Outlook 2003
*Import SharePoint contact lists to Outlook and Track history items for the contact
*Import SharePoint calendar (events) to Outlook
*Meeting Workspace Task Pane
*Email Attachment Options button
*Working with SharePoint Alerts in Outlook
*Save an email to a SharePoint document library
*Display a SharePoint library in an Outlook folder
3) The Shared Workspace Task Pane Word, Excel, PPT, Project, OneNote, Visio
4) Features available with Word 2003
*Open and Save As
*Shared Workspace Task Pane
5) Features available with Access 2003
*Export to Access
*Create Linked table in Access
*Report with Access
*Open and Save As Data Access Pages
*The Export to Windows SharePoint Services Wizard to export an Access table to a SharePoint list.
*The Import from Windows SharePoint Services Wizard to import data from a SharePoint list.
6) Features available with Excel 2003
*Export SharePoint lists to Excel (link and unlink)
*Import a spreadsheet into SharePoint
*Publish Excel list to SharePoint
*Print with Excel
*Chart with Excel
*Create PivotTable Report
*Open and Save As
*Shared Workspace Task Pane

Here's 7 reasons why you would want to buy the Power User videos:

1-Learn how to collaborate with others on a single file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that's located centrally in a Shared Workspace, but everyone is updating the information on their own local copy on their computer. All users get notified of changes and are instructed to open the current file which updates their copy with a single click. Add new users to participate with the file, assign tasks, and provide web urls surrounding this file...all from the application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and not from the SharePoint Shared Workspace.

2-Take your customized site templates, custom lists, custom forms, custom views, and custom web parts and make them all portable to share with others within your subsites or outside of your subsites. Include the content if you like.

3-Feeling a bit limited with only one web page on a site? Learn how to add multiple web pages to a single SharePoint site.

4-Link an Excel spreadsheet list to a SharePoint list and have all changes made to either one sync with the other.

5-Link an Access table to a SharePoint list and have all changes made to either one sync with the other.

6-Track your SharePoint contact correspondence, incoming and outgoing emails, project tasks, perform label or letter mail merges, do broadcast emails...all from within Outlook.

7-Connect Web Parts together to provide enhanced filtering scenarios, such as: *1) Selecting a supplier name in one web part displays the suppliers list of wares in another web part, *2) Selecting a company name in one web part displays a list of employees in another web part, and then selecting one of the employee names will display their picture in a third web part, *3) An Orders web part provides a list of the most recent customer orders. You click the row containing the order you want to examine. The row is passed to the other web part, called Order Details. All the line items for that order are displayed. You click on a single order item which displays a picture of the order item in a 3rd web part.

Price: $40.00


Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training Videos- Complete Bundle


Get both sets of Windows SharePoint Services 2003 User Training workshop videos. Learn it all - from Basic through Power User skills. That's over 10 hours of narrated tutorial videos!


One hour of consultation for your SharePoint Services site. Value of $80.

Price: $99.00

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