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***FREE***MixPad MP3 and Audio Mixing Software

MixPad is multi-track mixing software designed for professional audio production. It lets you load or record audio clips and mix them together. You can place them at different times, adjust volume, pan the audio or fade in or out. It is the digital replacement of using a multitrack recorder and mixing desk.

Designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, MixPad will have you blending unlimited audio tracks within minutes.

This version of MixPad is free. We make it free in the hope you like it so much you will download some of our other Audio Software. A full list of MixPad’s features follow but a quick way to try it out is to download and install now.

MixPad works perfectly with our WavePad Sound Editing Software for Windows. WavePad can run on the same computer running MixPad to do any cutting or editing on a single track.

  • Unlimited track mixing
  • Intuitive, simple graphical interface
  • Supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple codecs), mp3, vox, gsm, real audio and more.
  • Drag and drop files easily to Mixpad
  • Includes a CD ripper to load audio direct from a CD-ROM.
  • Integrated with WavePad sound editor so you can edit, apply sound effects to the clips and much more.

  • System Requirements:

  • Windows
  • 95/NT4/98/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista. Sound support on your computer.
  • Using INTERNET EXPLORER, click here to view a live workshop on how to use MixPad!

    Price: $0.00


    _Video Production


    ***NEW*** Video Production Course, with Homework Review, Q&A; and Technical Assistance from Penny Haynes for your video production ($400).

    7 Classes on Video CD
    1) Should You Videocast? Statistics, Supplies, Cost & Content for Video Production.

    2) Recording Basics: Shots & Angles, Movement, Visual Effects, Transition Shots, Transfer to Computer, Import into Premiere Elements.

    3) Recording Elements: Lighting, Sound, Introduction to Chroma Color, Content

    4) Introduction to Editing: Learning the basics of editing with Premiere Elements

    5) Advanced Editing: Learning Advanced Editing tricks, such as Chroma Color and Sound Editing, Formats

    6) Posting with Text: Uploading, Text, Keywords, Links, Submitting to Podcast Directories

    7) Review and Q&A;: Upload your first video production.

    Includes assistance from Penny Haynes for homework review, questions and answers, and production assistance.

    Price: $400.00




    ***FREE***Wavepad Recording and Editing Program

    You can download your free version of Wavepad, a recording and editing program, by adding this item to your cart and choosing the Option "Download Free Version". You will have access to the Master Edition's extra features during the trial period, but the program continues to work with all of the basic features even beyond the trial period. The basic version is a truly FREE program.

    If you want to upgrade to the Master Version, you can purchase a license key at a $5/discount by adding this item to your cart and choosing "Purchase License Key". We will forward your license key via email within 1 business day.

    Take advantage of our downloadable Wavepad classes: Audio Recording 101 and Audio Recording 201.

    Using INTERNET EXPLORER, click here to watch a recorded workshop on the features of Wavepad.

    Download or Purchase:
    List Price: $35.00
    Price: $0.00


    Audio Recording 101 - Beginner


    Audio Recording 101 - Beginner
    80 minute training class
    for all of our new authors/narrators, which includes information on recording, editing, file conversion, free programs, training on the programs, how to locate inexpensive hardware, content creation and vocal coaching. This 80 minute class will save you hours of frustration, re-recording and re-editing, and cut your audio book creation time in half. Training manuals for you to use while recording are also included.

    Price: $49.99


    Audio Recording 201 - Intermediate


    Audio Recording 201 - Intermediate

    Includes Audio Recording 101 (Beginner).
    This course includes video, audio and screen print curriculums, teaching you how to do advanced editing, like mixing with music, creating your own music intros and outros, removing (and sometimes inserting) words and phrases so the recording still sounds natural. How to remove breathy noises, clicks and pops, low hums and high hiss. Available immediately via digital download, but also includes the entire curriculum shipped to you on CD. If you are also interested in podcasting, this course is included in the Podcasting Handbook course, which also teaches about uploading, RSS feeds, vocal coaching, and more.

    List Price: $149.99
    Price: $99.99


    One-on-One Podcasting Training



    If you are the kind who want one-on-one training, Penny Haynes can lead you step by step, wherever you are in the world. With her webconferencing capabilities, you can see her desktop, and she can see yours. She can show you how to record, edit, mix music, create your feed, upload your audios, and more. Then, when it's your turn to try it, she can watch you and offer help in real time. Training is $125/hr, with a 1 hour minimum. You can choose additional hours below. Please supply the times and days you are available for training.

    Date(s) and Time(s):
    Additional Hours of Training:
    Price: $125.00


    Podcast Consultant Training And Certification Program


    Podcast Consultant Training and Certification - PC Users Only ($400 for video recordings of training):

    • Introduction, Definition and Uses of Podcasting
    • Creating Recordings
    • Uploading Files
    • Free ftp Program
    • RSS Feeds
    • Downloading Recordings and Free Podcasting Software
    • History of Podcasting
    • What Equipment You Need
    • Recording Devices
    • Recording Services
    • Free Recording and Conversion Software
    • Recording, Editing and Mixing with Music
    • File Conversion
    • Storage and Bandwidth Internet Services
    • RSS Services and Programs
    • Podcast Marketing
    • Vocal Techniques
    • Recording and Editing Techniques
    • Podcasting for Increased Search Engine Ranking
    • and more...

    This class is for Web Professionals who want to offer Podcasting Services to their clients. Although they must learn how to podcast for themselves during the class as part of their homework and final project, students do not need to host their own podcast.

    Successful completion of this class requires:

      • Completion of all homework assignments (you need to set aside 2 to 3 hours per week for this)
      • Completion of Class Project, which is to set up a podcast from the planning stage to posting on directories
      • Mock consultation with client, explaining what podcasting is, and what podcasting can do for a business, and what the estimated investment will be.

    Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will receive:

      • Certification from 1st Podcast Publishing stating that you have successfully completed the Podcast Consulting Program, and are qualified by 1st Podcast Publishing to produce podcasts and offer podcasting services.
      • Posting of your Business and Services on the 1st Podcast Publishing site, with full recommendation by 1st Podcast Publishing for your services.
      • Support for future podcasting questions via email, with possible group classes for continuing education.

    • You receive 7 weeks of training (10+ hours of video), PLUS at least 5 hours more of audio/video training via the homework.

    The price for the the original live small group course was $600. However, you can take the course virtually, at your own pace for only $400. You receive a data DVD with over 3 gigs of audios, videos, documentation and free software. However, you can still receive your certification by completing the homework and having your final projects reviewed by me.

    Price: $400.00


    Podcasting Starter Package


    Got Podcast?

    Be on the air with a weekly 15 minute downloadable internet radio program, and all you have to do is record the audio and send us the accompanying text! We do the rest - edit, mix with music, tag, upload, host and post, all for ONLY $35.00!

    You can pay as you go, either by subscription or by the podcast. We'll provide a choice of recording programs to use, and train you how to use it.

    For more information, contact customerservice at

    Price: $35.00


    Speaking Smoothly


    What would it be worth to you to stop doing the following?

  • repeating your words
  • stumbling over phrases
  • starting and stopping half sentences
  • stuttering

  • I've taken a look at the challenges that many of you experience. I have spent hours listening to and editing audio, and I realize that speaking smoothly is a skill that all of you could master and that would enhance all of your communications.
    Listen to a "before and after" clip, and a testimonial from a Public Speaking Professional.

    This 1-hour recorded audio/visual class will teach you how to eliminate those issues from your speech for only $150, money-back guaranteed.

    As an added bonus, I am including the ebook, "The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnegie!!!

    Price: $150.00


    The Podcasting Handbook (ebook)


    The Podcasting Handbook

    is a multi-media ebook containing the curriculum from a 5-week proven course in Podcasting...

    The original Podcasting Handbook for Busy Entrepreneurs was a live 5 week course featuring Audio and Video. It has now been updated with even more information, on production, free resources, marketing, and more!

    This course became a 12-CD set, with over 8 hours of audio, and multiple hours of video, that sells for $250 (Paige Eissinger, of Views From The Coop, and Tech Corner, says that the audio recording and editing portion was worth that much alone!)

    But thanks to the generosity of businesses that support podcasting, they have chosen to underwrite this multi-media ebook version so you can access the curriculum without paying full-price. Your cost is only $19.95!

    And that includes:

    1. All of the text curriculum from the entire 5 week course, including handouts, homework sheets, and screen print tutorials.

    2. A video tutorial about receiving and listening to podcasts using iPodder (now called "Juice").

    3. a FREE recording and editing program,

    4. a FREE link to the first audio/video lesson, "Introduction to Podcasting"

      , a $50 value, as well as
    5. another Audio Seminar (with Ebook) on Podcast Marketing, a $25 value!

    6. Continuing Education via email and seminar, where you can contact me for advice and participate in upcoming seminars and classes ($10 value),

    7. PLUS a free Desktop RSS reader, so new course information comes directly to you!

    Within the text of the Business Podcasting Handbook, there are links to additional free and paid features, such as audio/video recordings from the live classes, advanced video tutorials, audio recordings of the classes, and podcasting reviews.

    Additional available options include:

  • Audio and Video lessons, totalling over 8 hours of audio and multiple hours of video, plus screen print tutorials, and links to various free services and products.

  • Audio Recording 101 AND Audio Recording 201 - Everything you need to know about recording and editing high quality audio files on your own computer. This course goes beyond the original AR101 class, adding in music mixing, special editing tricks, and more. No special or expensive equipment necessary, other than a headset microphone to plug into your computer's sound card. For those who have purchased the original AR101 course, you will be given a discount coupon equal to the amount which you originally paid.
  • Training in vocal delivery for the most professional podcast possible.

  • The Outline of the Course is as Follows:
  • Week 1 - What is Podcasting, What Can It Do For Me, What Do I Need and How Much Will It Cost? (Not much, by the way!) Homework: Download a podcasting program and subscribe to several podcasts.

  • Week 2 - Resources For Your Podcasting Needs, including where to find it, what it costs, and how to use it. (No expensive investment necessary!) Will include how to upload your files, where to upload them to, and how to create a podcast entry in your RSS feed. Also where to find music. Includes free video links on how to download and install iPodder (now "Juice") Homework: Review the Audio Recording 101 Program in preparation for next week's class.

  • Week 3 - Audio Recording 101+. Intensive instructional course on recording, editing, mixing music, saving files, and the differences in frequencies and bitrates (it's not as complicated as it seems). Homework: Record and edit a practice recording, and put music behind it.

  • Week 4 - Vocal coaching for delivery and recording. Discussion and review of the different types of podcast styles and productions you can create. Review of existing podcasts for do's and don'ts. Everyone will get a chance to try out their skills by the end of the evening (don't panic! It will be fun and non-threatening.) Homework: Record and edit your own podcast. Upload it to your server and place the information in the RSS feed, so we can review your podcast next week. (We'll be gentle, I promise.)

  • Week 5 - Review of participant podcasts. All of the places to submit your podcast. Ways to use podcasting for marketing your own products and services. Peripheral ways to make money with your newly found recording skills!
    • If you need more intensive instruction in some areas, you can pick and choose which classes you purchase.
    • Only want audio recording and editing Videos? Then that's all you get.
    • Only want information on marketing your business through podcasting? Then that's all you download.
    • Need to learn more about how to post on an RSS feed, or how to use resources like Libsyn, Audioblog, BYOAudio, Quikonnex, WordPress, etc.? Then that's all you pay for.

    By the end of the original course, participants were able to

    • record,

    • edit,

    • mix music,

    • upload files to their server,

    • create RSS podcast feeds,

    • list the podcast in all podcast directories,

    • Use other inexpensive resources to help record telephone classes, interviews, and more...
    • brainstorm about how to market their business with their new podcasting and audio recording skills
    • and much more.

    Listen to a podcast testimonial by one of Penny's graduates, Barbara Phillips of Older Wiser Women.

    "Penny Haynes expertly opened the door to show me the world of podcasting and audio editing,
    guiding me to adapt my new knowledge to the unique needs of my business with her good humor,
    dedication and skill."

    Rachael R. Resch, MS PT/LMT
    Physical Therapist
    Certified Nia Instructor
    Ashland, Oregon

    There was so much information given to us, in so many formats
    I just wanted to share with the group that I took a class by Penny Haynes of Encouraging Audio Books called Complete Podcasting Handbook for Busy Entrepreneurs.

    I learned SO MUCH about podcasting. There was so much information given to us, in so many formats, mp3 files, video files, written text as well as the 2 hour class in a web conference room once a week. It was amazing how much valuable information was given to us for the class.

    Even if you think you know how to podcast it really was so much more then just learning to podcast, we worked on marketing ideas, brainstormed with fellow podcasters, received voice coaching and so much more. If you feel that you want to "kick it up a notch" with your podcast do yourself a favor and check out the class now offered on CD.

    She is a great teacher and I wanted this group to know it. She may be too modest to share this, so I thought I would share from a "students" point of view.

    Laura Gonzalez
    Virtual Business Solutions,

    Hey, count me in as one of Penny's VERY satisfied students!
    Hey, count me in with Barbara and Laura as one of Penny's VERY satisfied students! I started out knowing practically nothing about podcasting except that I knew it was something I needed to learn to do...and Penny sure helped me accomplish that goal.
    I just got back from a week's vacation and haven't even checked my e-mail until today, but am getting ready to create a podcast from an interview I did with my co-host, Roger, on PC Primer last week. I plan to have it posted early next week. I couldn't have done it without Penny's class.
    Paige Eissinger, of 2SmartChix


    In addition to my audio, I'll like to add the following comments on the Podcasting course. Your class, and the women in the class was awesome.
    Listening in class, reading the material and watching the videos assisted me in "getting it". We all learn by various methods, and the visual aspects of this class are a huge bonus for me. I happen to have printed out the step by step instructions and keep them in a notebook that is open while I edit.
    What a lifesaver that one part of the course is. I look forward to constantly improving as I go forth. Thanks again for everything.

    Barbara C. Phillips, NP

    The podcasting teleclass was very helpful for the "non-techy" person such as myself. Thank you, Penny! The podcasting teleclass was so informative and was very helpful for the "non-techy" person such as myself. I appreciate all your hard work and time invested in preparing for the class as well as your attention to details to help make the process as easy as possible.

    I especially appreciate your patience when I was feeling stuck. I would recommend this class for all entrepreneurs who want to be on top of the new exciting world of "podcasting."

    Joanie Winberg

    She is a great instructor, and I have learned so much. I have just finished a podcasting class with Penny Haynes and I recommend it highly. She is a great instructor, and I have learned so much. Now I am anxious to put what I learned to good use.

    Dottye Bagnall
    Etiquette For Today

    We learned everything from music to vocal qualities to audio editing to RSS feeds
    Penny is the audio goddess and in her Podcasting class we learned everything from music to vocal qualities to audio editing to RSS feeds in order to get our own podcasts up and on the cyberwaves. The class was so full of specific and practical information and I know that I'll be visiting the material over and over again.

    And we promise a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

    We want to thank the sponsors who are making this all possible for you, and hope you will visit their sites as a way of thanking them yourself.

    As a summary, you get:

    1. All of the text curriculum from the entire 5 week course, including handouts, homework sheets, and screen print tutorials.

    2. a FREE recording and editing program,

    3. a FREE link to the first audio/video lesson, "Introduction to Podcasting", a $50 value, as well as

    4. another Audio Seminar (with Ebook) on Podcast Marketing, a $25 value!

    5. one month's free access to my Private Continuing Education channel, where you can contact me for advice and participate in upcoming seminars and classes ($10 value),

    6. PLUS a free Desktop RSS reader, so new course information comes directly to you!

    all for only $19.95!
    • And remember our 100% 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

    And then, if you decide that you would like even more comprehensive training, you can

    • purchase the home study program 12-CD Business Podcasting Handbook Set for a special price of only $200 (that's a savings of $50 with the discount coupon in your Business Podcast Handbook ebook!)
    • Attend one of our 3-Day Online Podcasting Conferences, which includes:
      • live online webinar class, where you can see and hear Penny 's desktop while she records and edits, and ask questions as you go
      • when you need assistance, Penny will be able to able to view your desktop and tell you what you need to do.
      • small class size limited to only 10 people
      • Penny's 5-week podcasting curriculum,
      • Penny's hands-on assistance in creating your podcast,
      • Penny helping you get all of the necessary resources in place to start podcasting
      • Flash Recordings of every session and individual consultation!
      • includes 3 months of Continuing Education and (an additional $30 value),
      • AND *while supplies last*, a 128 MB MP3 Player/Recorder that also acts as a storage key for your computer (a $39.95 value)!
      • You will get a coupon for a $50 discount for this conference in the ebook, and pay only $250 for the entire weekend event!

    Are you ready to:

    • learn all about how podcasting can
      brand you to your target market
      and build your business exponentially?
    • reach the 30 million iPod owners
      (not to mention PDA, MP3 and cell-phone
      users who download podcasts!)?
    • reach the forecasted 60 million people
      expected to be downloading by the year 2010?

      Then add this item to your cart now...

    Price: $19.95

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