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Online Community Magazines


Online Community Magazines allows anyone with a desire and an ability to run a local business or online magazine the opportunity to do so.

Our heart's desire is to see those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to own a business prosper and succeed with Online Community Magazines.

Our preference is to work with people who have integrity and a strong work ethic, who are generous in spirit and in action, who are capable, responsible, and yet compassionate about their neighbors.

That is because our Online Community Magazines are set up not only so those who run them prosper, but hopefully people within their community also prosper.

The premise is simple: You offer inexpensive online advertising to local businesses and organizations.

  • They get their own homepage in the magazine which they can change at will, and which is connected to up to 5 categories on the site.
  • However, they can also write their own magazine column, or create their own radio or TV show (which they upload to the site).
  • Every time they post a new article or radio or TV show, they show up on the front page of the Magazine, giving them increased visibility - at no extra cost to them.

They can do all of this for only $10-$20/month, or $100-$200/year - a price any and every business, organization and individual can afford.

But there is more:

  • You take 10% of your profits from the magazine, and give it back to non-profit organizations that participate in the magazine.
  • You allow organizations to fundraise with the magazine by referring new business and keeping 25% commission for every listing they sell.
  • You give free columns, radio and TV show hosting to educators and their students for class projects and school organizations, making learning more exciting for students.
  • You give free columns to churches, non-profit organizations and government offices as well.

Businesses are excited to have such inexpensive advertising, mixed with a new and creative way to share their expertise, products and services.

Organizations are excited to share their concerns and projects with the community.

School systems are excited to have a partner that will host multi-media for their students to encourage them in their studies and make learning much more enjoyable.

Individuals who have something to say or a talent to display are excited to have a platform from which they can express themselves.

If this type of community giving gets you excited too, then perhaps an Online Community Magazine would be right for you. If so, then keep on reading...

You cannot buy an Online Community Magazine with your own money.

We refuse to take personal monies to buy into this business. Why?

We only want to work with people who will be successful at this business. Therefore, in order to "buy in", you must pre-sell $2000 worth of listings in your community to qualify as an Owner. That is the equivalent of 10 - 20 pre-paid listings for either $100/year columns or $200/year tv and radio shows. We provide the marketing materials for you to pre-sell, and afterward, additional training and tools to continue selling.

Then we will know that you are a good match for this business. And just as importantly, you will feel confident that you will prosper with an Online Community Magazine. You will also have a good foundation of content with which to start the Magazine.

The other reason we won't take your money is because we want everyone, regardless of financial situation, to have an opportunity to own a Magazine. In particular, we want to work with:

  • the disabled,
  • single moms or dads struggling to make ends meet, and
  • those who have experienced financial crises due to external circumstances.

We are on a mission to do as much good to as many people as possible, and we want to help you help yourself.

Once you have pre-sold your listings...

We install your magazine on our dedicated servers, ensuring that you have lightning fast speed and sufficient storage and bandwidth for all of the audio's and videos you will host. Your monthly cost for hosting on our dedicated server starts at $60/month. Later, as your site grows, your cost for hosting will grow with it, but by that time, you will have so much business, the cost will still be nominal.

If you are comfortable running the online administrative portion yourself (which is very simple and meant to run automatically for the most part), then you will keep 93% of all of your gross profits, and pay a 7% royalty fee for

  • continual upgrades,
  • marketing materials,
  • access to Owner Forums to discuss issues and tips for continued success, and
  • technical support for you (though not for your customers).

The minimum monthly royalty fee is $100 a month. This is called the Independent License.

If you are not comfortable with computers, and don't have someone to administrate the site for you, you can hire us to run the entire online portion. This includes:

  • handling all customer service for your clients
  • entering all payment information
  • running invoicing reports
  • running commission reports
  • reviewing initial listings for appropriateness
  • continual upgrades
  • marketing materials
  • access to Owner Forums to discuss issues and tips for continued success

You retain 70% of NET profits and we retain royalty fees of 30%. Net profits means gross sales minus up to 20% offline advertising costs, referrals, and your hosting fees (starting at $60). The minimum royalty fee is $250 a month. This is called the Administrative License.

You can start out with one type of License and change to another at a later time.

For another, more detailed explanation with a prospective earnings chart, click here.

If this type of business sounds like a good match for you, then please contact us as soon as possible, in order to get you marketing materials for pre-sales. We only sell one Online Community Magazine per community, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We will only reserve a community for 2 weeks, giving you time to go into your community and pre-sell listings.

Price: $3,000.00


Podcast Directories For Sale


Got Podcast Directory Software?

Podcast Directory software is very hard to find - especially software designed by someone who knows and understands Podcasting. So Penny Haynes, owner of 1st Podcast Publishing, and Organizer of the Online International Podcasting Expos, has designed a Podcast Directory that can be used by anyone. It was developed with the specific goal of establishing smaller, niche market Podcast Directories, as opposed to the massive, all-encompassing podcast directories.

Turnkey - Plug and Play Podcast Directories

All you need to do is set up your hosting with for $6.95/month. Then, we

  • install the Podcast Directory, Forum, and Blog for the Articles,
  • teach you how to use it,
  • teach you how to customize it,
  • create a Video Tutorial of your site for your Users once you have customized it,
  • provide you with a marketing email template to help obtain advertisers,
  • and then advertise you in our Family of Podcast Directories.

Why another Podcast Directory?

The Niche Market Podcast Directories offered by are different than regular directories for these reasons:
  1. designed directories with the business owner in mind. We have built in a place for business owners to post up to three (3) offers on their Podcast Home Page, giving their website, products and services an additional venue.

  2. realizes that not everyone who starts a podcast continues podcasting. This means that when you search for podcasts in large directories, you have to sift through a lot of inactive podcasts before you find current ones. Therefore, we have built in an automatic function that notifies Podcasters that have not posted new shows in 7 weeks that their podcast will be removed from the directory unless they post a new show in 1 week, and then deletes inactive shows at the 8 week mark.

  3. Directories also give Podcasters the opportunity to triple their visibility by inclusion in the Directory’s Network Feed. This is the equivalent of being place on an Internet Radio Station for a particular niche market. The Feed is then submitted to the major Podcast Directories for additional exposure. Network Members also gain guaranteed front page placement for new shows, and rotating placement of their photo and bio on the front page as well.

  4. We only sell one podcast directory per niche market. That means that we will not sell to your competition. First come, first served. To see the Podcast Directory niches that are already taken, view our Podcast Directory Family page.

  5. These Podcast Directories are intended to be community sites, not just for podcasters, but for anyone who is interested in that niche area. With places for Forums and Articles, you can become the "Ezine Articles" of your particular niche. With so much niche oriented content in one place, your directory will be optimized for increased search engine rankings.

  6. We also allow Users to group the Podcasts they subscribe to into Podcast Stations. This is handy when you want to download only one type of podcast at a time.

Who should purchase a Niche Market Podcast Directory?

The perfect Niche Market Podcast Directory owner is someone who is

  • a leader in their niche market, and/or
  • someone who has an extensive network within their niche market

Your Directory's start-up success will depend upon your ability to promote it to others in your niche market - both podcasters and advertisers.

How do you make money with your directory?

  1. Invite businesses in your niche market to advertise on the site,
  2. offer an upgrade to podcasters to be featured on the Podcast Network Feed,
  3. enter your Google AdSense code to the advertising section.
  4. Invite others to become a Directory owner, and keep 20% commission. Sign up at

    Advertising Revenue

    With an unlimitednumber of non-rotating advertising spots available on the directory (although we recommend using no more than 10 on each sidebar), your passive income will vary by Ad price. Example:

    20 Sidebar Ads (128 x 150) @ $50/month = $1000 month passive income
    2 Header Ads (190 x 150) @ $100/month = $200 month passive income
    Total Passive Income from Advertising= $1200 month

    20 Sidebar Ads (128 x 150) @ $100/month = $2,000 month passive income
    2 Header Ads (190 x 150) @ $200/month = $400 month passive income
    Total Passive Income from Advertising= $2,400 month

    You should be able to make a profit from Advertising alone within 2 months.

    Upgrades to Network Feed

    Then you can sell upgrades to the Podcast Directory Network feed, which will triple their visibility on the site and on the internet at large. Examples:

    $10/month for 10 network members = $100 passive income
    $10/month for 20 network members = $200 passive income

    $25/month for 10 network members = $250 passive income
    $25/month for 20 network members = $500 passive income

    $50/month for 10 network members = $500 passive income
    $50/month for 20 network members = $1,000 passive income

Pricing for the Niche Market Podcast Directories is $1250.

For more information, contact Penny Haynes at

Please make sure that your niche market is available PRIOR to purchasing.

Directory Niche Market:
Price: $1,250.00

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