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Download your FREE Podcatcher / Subscription Tool
for use with Firefox

You can download the Firefox browser here.

This FREE tool allows you to subscribe to:

  • RSS Feeds,

  • Blogs and

  • Podcasts (downloadable audio and video)

by simply dragging and dropping RSS feed links onto the Podcatcher!

Instructions for Installation and Usage

View the Videos:

Install and Open Firefox BEFORE installing the 1stPodCatcher. You can download the Firefox browser here.

  1. Save it to your Desktop.

  2. Drag and drop it from your Desktop into an open Firefox window.

  3. You will be told that the program will be installed when you RE-OPEN Firefox. So close Firefox and re-open it.

  4. There will be a new toolbar at the top of Firefox, with a button that says Family Friendly Podcatcher. Click the icon next to it and a sidebar will open. That is the Podcatcher.

  5. Further to the right is a button that says Watch List. Click it and then choose Configure Watch List.

  6. Here you will perform a one-time set up regarding:
    • how often you want the Podcatcher to check your subscriptions to see if there are new shows (60 minutes is a good time)

    • the path to the folder on your computer (or to your portable player, which must be hooked up to your computer) where you want to save all of your podcasts

  7. To subscribe:

  • OPEN THE SIDEBAR with the icon () and

  • simply drag and drop the orange RSS icon ()or the link to someone's podcast, to the top of the left sidebar.

  • If you click on the name of the podcast, you will see the episodes below it.

  • Hover your cursor over an episode, and you will see the full podcast or blog entry below that.

  • That's all there is to it! Your computer will start downloading the episodes of the podcasts you subscribe to.

To delete a podcast, just right click on the name of the Podcast and choose delete. There are many other menu options when you right-click - review them all.

*****NOTICE: You will see the name of the Family Friendly Podcast Directory listed.

If you click the "+" sign, you will see all of the Podcasts, in alphabetical order, that are listed in the Directory.

All of these podcasts will NOT automatically start downloading to your computer (phew!). They are just for your review.

  • You can click on the name of each podcast individually to check out their episodes and see if you like them.

  • If the episode has an audio or video file on it, it will be italicized (slanted). Left click on these individual episodes to play or download them.

  • Then just right-click on the name of the Podcasts you like and select "Add To Watch List". From then on, new episodes of these selected Podcasts will automatically download to your computer!

Click here for more information about owning your own

Podcast Directory


Community Directory

To see the video tutorials from the Family Friendly Podcast Directory, click here.

To see the Family Friendly Podcast Directory site, click here.

To see the Podcast Directory niches that are already taken, view our Podcast Directory Family page.

This Podcatcher is based upon Mike Kroger's Wizz RSS, and modified with Mike Kroger's permission.

Price: $0.00

Below is
Brain Storm!
, our weekly Business Podcast/Blog. To subscribe via RSS, click here.

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